La Borda will only be able to achieve its goals with help and support of the social fabric, the Social Economy and the joint effort of the community committed with projects that aim to bring back popular sovereignty on the fulfillment of their own needs and to social transformations through cooperation. Taking into account the different situations and possibilities, we want to involve as much people and entities as possible in the project’s funding. For that purpose, it is that we’ve outlined several different ways to collaborate.

Typologies of economic collaborations with the cooperative

To become a collaborating member and make voluntary capital contributions

Those who want to be part of the project and help in their financing can make a voluntary contribution to the capital. For this modality it is necessary to be a collaborating partner of La Borda. These contributions usually have long-term will, but their return can be agreed upon if requested. The contributions may be unpaid or may have associated remuneration. These variables will be agreed between the member and the cooperative at the time of contributions.

Voluntary contributions without remuneration

Contributions that the cooperative will not remunerate, but if it can update its value in the long term through an agreement of the assembly.

Paid voluntary contributions

Contributions that are remunerated between 0.65 and 2.0% depending on their length of stay, offering higher remuneration for a longer term. The value of interest will be agreed between the member and the cooperative. La Borda is a non-profit entity, therefore these contributions can’t be paid over the legal rate of money (established by the Llei de Cooperatives de Catalunya).

The remuneration will be paid annually once the annual accounts of the cooperative have been approved on June 30th.

I want to become a member and help to fund la Borda!

Subcribe participatory stake


La Borda issued 865 titles of € 1000 through Coop57, guaranteed by this entity of reference for solidarity and transformation finance. The titles will have a duration of 3 years, from which they can be renewed every two years, and will have an associated remuneration of 1.75%.

The campaign of participatory titles has already closed with a very positive balance. But you can still subscribe to any of the other forms of collaboration you’ll find on this page.

These have to allow the cooperative to reduce our initial financial needs as well as future costs associated to interest rates. La Borda is not an organisation with the legal status of a public utility, which means that those entities or people making donations won’t be able to have fiscal exemptions. The cooperative will treat them as extraordinary income. We prioritise monetary contributions, still, we are open to contributions based on skills or work, materials or any other necessary elements for the building’s construction.

I want to help to fund la Borda!

Activation of fundings

La Borda plans to activate the different financial instruments as needed during the development of the building. The following table outlines it:



The following table shows the forecasts’ funding amortization:



To know more about the economic model visit the funding structure section.