Who we are

La Borda bind a community of fifty people together. A group of people of all ages, related to the Can Batlló project. La Borda main purpose is to provide decent, social, affordable and ecologically sustainable accommodation to the members of the cooperative and, at the same time, to promote intergenerational relationships and community integration. In short, we look forward a fair sharing of reproductive, domestic and care work. We want to be and live in community under the values of feminist and solidary economy.


• Ensure access to affordable and decent housing.
• Avoid speculative uses of housing.
• Develop a new model of production, management and ownership of housing.
• Produce new forms of coexistence, social relations and community self-organization.
• Promote equal relationships between people of different ages, genders and origins.
• Become an alternative model to traditional public housing, affordable for people with low incomes.
• Build up a human scale self-managed neighbourhood at Can Batlló, based on social commitment and developing another way of city making.
• Make the most of existing resources and reusing them in an ecological and sustainable way.