New forms of living together, of social bond and community self-organization.

The best way to understand the meaning of everyday community we seek in La Borda is throughout the common spaces we plan to have. Through a shared laundry, we want to recover a traditional space of sociability, while free up space in all homes. A kitchen-dining room for shared meals, and where those wishing to share the task of cooking can organize themselves. Or health care space for those requiring it, or multipurpose room where kids and adults can have some time together; as well as common terraces or co-working spaces. Common services and infrastructures that will improve our quality of life.

Diagrams by Adrià Garcia i Mateu (Holon) showing the common use of the laundry room of la Borda. More information in: Designing with transitioning communities — The case of La Borda

Shared services and common spaces

• Laundry
• Kitchen and living room
• Guests flat
• Multipurpose room
• Health and care
• Bicycle parking
• Storage
• Shared objects and tool

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