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Join La Borda and be an active part of a nascent social movement building a more affordable, fairer and sustainable housing. To participate you just have to fill this form and make a contribution to the social capital of the coop of 100€, refundable if you decide to leave. If you are interested to become an expectant member, we inform you that there is currently a waiting list to access a home.


Being a member allows you to participate on the development of the coop through its committees and Assembly, where each member has voice and vote. More important, you will be supporting the housing coops system of grant of use.

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Any person, cooperative, company, association, foundation, etc can be member of the cooperative. All members have the right to join the expectant list, and to be eligible the person would have to comply with the requirements of the Social Housing of the City Council of Barcelona.

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Members won’t ever have any patrimonial nor legal responsibility. If, as any other company, the coop would default the only risk to members would be, at max, to lose the social capital’s contribution of 100€. Besides this worst case scenario, members will always be able to get their contribution to the social capital when leaving the coop.
At La Borda inspires th well established and successful housing coops granting the use to its members like the ones in Germany, Uruguay or Denmark, and want to do the same in Catalonia. Becoming a member you will contribute to such social movement transforming housing here. If you wish, you can find our statutes here.


We want to be 1000 members to spread the cooperative model, do you join us?