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La Borda was established in Sants, a neighbourhood聽with a long tradition and presence of cooperatives

Cooperatives are present in almost all sectors of the economy: agriculture, finance, labour,聽goods consumption or services, and housing.聽All kind of cooperatives have something in common: a group of people working together
in collective to solve their social and economic needs and concerns.

It is part of a larger project, the Can Batll贸 project

Can Batll贸 is a former industrial site built in the late nineteenth century. Along with聽both Espanya Industrial and Vapor Vell, the three of them were the industrial core in聽the south of Barcelona. In 1976, the General Metropolitan Plan (PGM) established the聽industrial activity must cease, and equipment, public housing and green space must be聽installed. Since then, the neighbours of La Bordeta never stopped claiming what was聽agreed. In 2011, the transformation of the site was still blocked by both Gaudir Real聽Estate and the involved administration. Sick of waiting, that year Sants and La Bordeta聽neighbours entered the site and occupied the the Bloc11 building, where a participatory聽process was engaged to define the uses and projects the neighbourhood wanted聽for Can Batll贸.

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